What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use

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Ever asked yourself 'what gaming chair does Ninja use?' Well if you are anything like us, you've asked yourself the same question many times, and that's what we will cover in this article.

 Born Tyler Blevins, Alias-Ninja, is one of the most popular gamers currently. But if you play Fortnite, then you don’t really need all that introduction. The main aim of this piece is to focus on a key component that we all tend to overlook: The Gaming Chair.

So what gaming chair does ninja use? Being a professional gamer, Ninja probably spends most of his time on his chair. That said, he uses the Maxnomic gaming chair which is an improvement from his previous DXracer chair. Given that Ninja uses this chair full time, you can be sure of its impeccable quality.

It’s easy to completely forget about the gaming chair Ninja uses because everyone focuses on his superb gaming skills. I mean have you even watched any of his YouTube videos? If not, you are missing out. His charisma and talent will completely blow your mind. But there’s a lot that happens besides what meets the eye.

Hold up, to start with, do you understand what a gaming chair really is? Or better yet, how can you get the best gaming chairs in the market? Well, keep on reading and I’ll break it down for you.

What really is a Gaming Chair?

I know you are probably wondering what this gaming chair I’m talking about is? Or better still, what makes this gaming chair any different from the regular chairs we know? Well, a gaming chair is more of a ‘specialized’ office chair that is designed to offer ultimate comfort for gamers.

When the gaming chairs were first introduced in the market, they were used specifically for the racing games. During this time, they were used in place of car simulator seats which tended to imitate the nature of sports car seats.

Today, the gaming chairs feature an incredible optical appearance not forgetting the special ergonomic design. The thick upholstery and high straight up backs are what sets apart the gaming chair from the casual office chair.

Over the past years, gaming chair designers have taken their time to analyze the movement of gamers, how they sit and what they would need out of this chair. Hence, they have designed the recent gaming chairs to meet all the Comfortability needs of the gamer.

Gamers are people who will spend most of their hours on their gaming chair. That is why these chairs must have a sturdy build and at the same allow the gamer to have a healthy sitting position.

Some of the standard features that you should not miss in a gaming chair include; the adjustability of the height, the armrest, backrest tilt, and the rocking mechanism. I would say the gaming chair is more like a weapon for the gamer in his world of profession.

About The Infamous Maxnomic Gaming Chair

If you are clueless about the Maxnomic Gaming chair, well this section is for you. The MaxNomic Gaming chairs are designed and manufactured by the NEEDforSEAT Company. The name sounds more like the ‘Need for Speed’ game which gives you a brief hint of their products.

I’m not going to lie, the NEEDforSEAT Company is responsible for some of the best gaming chairs in the business. The goal of this company is to provide the best comfort and gaming experiences for gamers from all around the world. That said, their MaxNomic Gaming chairs are no exception.

This brand mainly comes in four stylings; Casual Sport (S), Pro Gaming and Office (M), Office Comfort (L) and XL Series (XL). The initials at the end of the different stylings cater for the different sizes of gamers. From small sized gaming chairs to Extra-large chairs.

The MaxNomic Gaming chairs feature a 4D Armrest, Reclinable seat and a metal base; all aimed at providing you with the proper support. The 4D armrest allows you to fully customize its position hence giving you the maximum comfort. You also have access to a tilt function in the seat that can recline all the way to 67o which is pretty decent.

Additionally, you can choose your specific color that will blend well with your gaming room. Although most gaming chairs come in a dull color, the Maxnomic brand takes up a more aggressive stance.

Each of the 5 different colors is very bright and contrasts with the black side trim. However, there is a black version just in case you need one. The MaxNomic brand seems to cater for most of the support needs and desires of gamers.

As you have figured by now, the MaxNomic gaming chairs come with a simple design which isn’t a bad thing. Typically, most mid-budget gaming chairs will add fancy frame support to increase their price. However, in contrast to most brands, the MaxNomic Gaming chair comes in a refreshing uncomplicated design. The minute you buy this design, you will know what each lever and dial does even without checking through the manual.

Why would you need a Gaming Chair?

I bet you are probably wondering what all the fuss about gaming chairs is. Well, to start with, if you are planning to buy your own gaming setup, then don’t forget to include the best gaming chair. It’s not easy dishing out a couple of bucks just for a seat. All in all, here are some of the reasons why you really need a gaming chair.

  • It’s good for your health

Humans are not meant to spend over 10 hours seated without having the chance to move around. For that reason, you need to get a gaming chair that will be good for your overall health. I hope you realize prolonged gaming activities will probably expose you to lifelong complications. For instance, spinal injuries and torque on your wrist or back.

For you to have a healthy lifestyle you will need proper lumbar support that will be able to protect you from future complications. And that is why this professional gaming chair comes in handy. The high straight-up back in this chair will go a long way in ensuring you don’t experience any future back complications.

  • It will increase your maneuverability

Having proper backrest is very crucial to any gamer. With a proper gaming chair, you are able to move your arms without any obstructions. More importantly, you will not easily get tired. Therefore, you will be able to maintain optimum productivity level all through your gaming time.

  • The chair is comfortable

Don’t imagine a regular office seat will do the trick. On the contrary, office chairs are not meant for gamers. That’s because the maximum amount of time you can spend on an office chair is close to 8 hours. On average, gamers spend about 10 or so hours daily.

On top of that, gaming chairs are specifically designed for gamers. The seat is well adjustable to your gaming world.

  • It has long-lasting materials

Aside from the fact that this chair will provide you with the support you need, it is also quite durable. Actually, when properly maintained, this seat could last for up to 5 years maximum.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding another seat for quite some time. What’s more, the gaming chair is made specifically to handle the G-force from a gamer for the entire day. Hence, it will not easily wear out.

Get yourself a professional gaming chair and you will not need to buy a new chair for your gaming needs every now and then.

Related Questions

Q: How much do these gaming chairs cost?

A: Well, there is no definite answer to this question. As in the same market, you will find $xx chairs, you will also get others worth hundreds of dollars. This wide price variation is determined by how the chair’s functionality influences your gaming experience as well as the features each of these chairs offer.

Q: Is buying a gaming chair worthwhile?

A: As a gamer, you are likely to spend very long hours on your gaming chair. A healthy posture goes a long way in influencing your future health. That is why getting a good gaming chair will be worth your every penny. You will not have to worry about damaging your back, wrist, and elbows in the long run.

Q: Why is my Gaming Chair too Big/too small for me?

A: Gaming chairs designs are always age specific. In that, there are some that are designed specifically for kids and others for people of all ages. However, when it comes to the adult gaming chairs, you might notice that the weight and height of the user could be a limiting factor. In such a case, you would need to consult with the chair’s manufacturers for necessary adjustments.

Q: How can Gaming Chairs improve your Gameplay?

A: A gaming chair improves your gameplay but that majorly depends on the main features of the chair. There are some gaming chairs that come with special features such as sound immersion that helps to increase your game alertness. Also, the quality of the headphones that come with the chair could determine the quality of your experience since the speaker systems are not the same in all chairs.