What Gaming Chair Does tfue Use

What Gaming Chair Does Tfue Use?

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What gaming chair does Tfue use? Is a question I hear a lot when watching popular Youtube videos by Tfue. YouTube is becoming the place to find the best of the best gamers and that’s definitely true when you’re talking about Tfue.

He’s an American eSports player and has actually been touted as “The Best Player in the World” when it comes to Fortnite. His gaming chair is part of what makes him that amazing player.

At only age 21, Tfue is most definitely a force to be reckoned with and that’s why more and more gamers want to know what he’s doing to get that good.

It can’t all be about his skill with the game, right? Some of it is also about the equipment he’s using and just how it can influence the way he plays the game.

Let’s get to the important stuff though, shall we? Just what gaming chair does Tfue use? He’s currently using a Maxnomic Commander S Gaming Chair. In fact, he’s using the black and while edition of this chair, which he hasn’t had for long. It’s only been a few short months since August 2018 when he replaced his DXRacer OH/DF73.

There’s got to be a reason that Tfue decided to swap out his old chair for this new one though, right? And a reason why he’s been using professional gaming chairs in the first place.

You’ve probably been wondering why he even spends those big bucks on high end chairs when you may be using a standard computer chair, right? But let’s dive into that a little closer and see if we can understand why gaming chairs are so important.

Why a Maxnomic Commander S Gaming Chair?

So, what’s so special about this chair? There are actually a number of great features about it, besides just that it looks pretty sleek.

The biggest things are going to be related to the overall comfort of the chair and they’re scattered throughout.

After all, he’s a gamer, which means that he’s going to be sitting in that chair for an extended period every single day. That means you need something to provide support.

This chair gives you a whole lot of cushion and padding through the seat and the back.

This may be one of the reasons that Tfue upgraded his own chair because he’s getting a whole lot more padding now than he was with his last chair. 

The DXRacer OH/DF73 definitely didn’t have a whole lot of padding, though it did have some other sleek aspects that probably led to him choosing it.

You’ll also have increased lumbar support, which means you’re going to have less problems with your back.

You’d probably think of sitting too long leading to your butt being sore, but its most definitely going to affect your back too. The lumbar support and the 67 degree adjustable backrest both help with this.

They make sure that you get just the right amount of pressure and the right position to keep your back at ease.

The Maxnomic gives you adjustable armrests that are designed to fit your body shape as well.

You’ll be able to make them higher or lower based on how you want to play, your body specifically and of course, the placement of your desk and other gear. 

That means you don’t have to worry about strain to your shoulders, wrists and elbows when you’re trying to get the right set-up.

Add in the fact that the chair is made of PU leather and has a neck pillow to go along with it? You’re definitely looking at a whole lot of comfort and support throughout your entire body.

That’s definitely going to be important if you’re playing and sitting for a long time without moving. It feels soft against your skin and it keeps you up and away from the metal construction.

When it comes to durability, however, you’re definitely not going to miss out on anything. This chair is made with tubes of steel and aluminum.

That means its designed to be durable, not to rust and to last for a long time. Overall, it can hold up to 330 pounds, which is going to be great for just about anyone who wants to get one for themselves.

The chair also molds to your body better when you’re within this weight limit.

Why Not a Maxnomic S Gaming Chair?

Okay, we talked about why you should pick this chair, but let’s mention a couple things that you should think about before you decide to jump right in and pick up this chair because your favorite gamer is using it.

They’re not going to be deal breakers for most people, but they’re things to think about. Maybe they mean something to you or maybe they don’t.

The first thing is that this chair is going to be super stiff. Yes, I know, we just said it’s super comfortable but that’s after you get it broken in.

When you first take it out of the box or off the truck it’s going to be extremely stiff because it uses a high quality foam throughout. Once you get the foam used to you and the way you sit you’ll be comfy, but until then … forget about it. Y

ou’re definitely going to be uncomfortable while you’re waiting for it to come through for you.

Also, you’re going to notice that some of the paint throughout the chair actually chips away over time. While this isn’t going to affect the way that the chair actually works it is going to affect the way that it looks. 

You may have even noticed some slight damage on Tfue’s chair because it doesn’t take much to scratch off that paint. Still, you probably won’t notice unless you look closely, and even then it’s not going to be too big of a deal for most.

Overall, there’s not really much to detract from this chair. It comes in other colors besides the one that Tfue uses. It has a number of comfort features and even though it takes some time to break in once you do get there it’s going to be great.

That means, for the most part, it seems like a pretty solid choice and one that’s going to improve your comfort and therefore your game.

Do You Want a Gaming Chair?

Is a gaming chair important even on its own? Let’s take a look at all gaming chairs, rather than only focusing on the one specific one that Tfue is using in his streaming.

When it comes to beginners or those who consider themselves ‘casual gamers’ a standard desk chair is usually all they have. But is that really the best idea?

A standard office chair is going to give you a bit of adjustment for the arms and the height of the chair. It’s also going to have some padding throughout and overall it’s designed for people who are sitting for a long period of time throughout the day.

So, it may seem natural to use one of these standard chairs for your gaming.

When it comes to a gaming chair you’re going to have more adjustments available. You’ll be able to move the armrests even more as well as leaning back or forward.

You can usually adjust the lumbar support and you get all kinds of padding. If you’re paying attention you’ll note that these things are quite similar.

The big thing about gaming chairs is that they’re going to be bold. They’re designed to be bright colors or to have accents or to in some way highlight different aspects.

All of that makes these chairs more unique and definitely makes them noticeable. When it comes to gaming they’re not exactly necessary, but they’re definitely going to make a big impact or impression on the people that are watching you play.

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